Book Review : Edward VII: The Prince of Wales and the Women He Loved By Catherine Arnold



My thoughts


I want to start off by thanking St. Martin’s Press and Netgalley for sending an arch of this to my Kindle.  It is much appreciated.  I just loved this book. I

I have not done and in depth study of the Reign of King Edward, I know more about his mother’s reign than I do his.

I think that this book would be a good place to start in trying to learn about him. The book centers around  the women in King Edward VII ( Bertie) life. Like Lillie Langtry,  Daisy Warwick,  and Alice Keppel. She also touches on Queen Alix and other women who Bertie had affairs with briefly ( i.e Prostitutes).

Catherine Arnold is a master story teller. I love her writing style she kept me entranced throughout this book.  I got it done very quickly.

I couldn’t put it down.

I like how she started the book by talking about Prince Albert’s death. Victoria consumed in her grief shunned and blamed Bertie for his death. I think that this greatly affected Bertie, and his subsequent relationships.  I kind of wish that Catherine Arnold had explored this avenue a little bit more.  She then goes on and talks about brief affairs that Bertie had ( i.e.  prostitutes). She the moves onto more serious relationships. She spent the most time on  Lillie Langtry,  Alice Keppel and Daisy Warrick. Given detailed accounts about their early life and their relationship with the Prince of wales.  She does dedicate some chapters to Jennie Churchill, who was the mother of Winston Churchill. Jennie was rumored to be Bertie’s mistress but it was never proven.

I have to say these were my favorite chapters.  I heard of Winston Churchill,  but I didn’t realize how interesting his family was.  I intend remedy this by learning more about them.  Overall,  I really enjoyed this book.  I highly recommend this to anyone who is interested in reading about Edward VII.